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Sustainable Web hosting of renewable energies

Our servers are powered by 100% renewable and environmentally friendly energy.


Be green. Get started today.

We explain you step by step how to get your web hosting up and running in no time!




Define your domain

If you already have your domain name, great! If you don't have it yet, you can register it at enom.com or name.com.

Choose your green plan

Choose the web hosting plan that best suits your needs. We recommend that you start with the TREE PLAN if you have a basic website.

Receive accesses

Once the plan is paid you will receive access to your CPANEL account so you can start uploading your website.

What does sustainable web hosting mean?

A green hosting service that is carbon neutral and energy efficient. Little Green Host offers an alternative to traditional web hosting by being eco-friendly and using renewable energy. Be a part of the change, sign up for your green web hosting.




OCEAN: Web hosting plan with 20 GB of disk space and 20 email accounts.

For high traffic and high capacity websites, our Ocean Plan will guarantee you speed and stability. Green power in sustainable and ecological web hosting.



TREE: Web hosting plan  with 5 GB of disk space and 5 email accounts.

Looking to host your website on a small and efficient web hosting? Our tree plan is ideal for hosting websites with basic requirements. A sustainable and ecological web hosting plan for modern and environmentally friendly businesses.



Sustainable web hosting plans

4 sustainable Web hosting plans according to your needs. All our PLANS have 2vCPU – 2 GB RAM – SSD HD Drives – Google Cloud Infrastructure – Ultra fast website loading speed. Servers powered by clean and green energy.

Make your website environmentally friendly.

Our servers are powered by 100% Renewable and Ecological Energy Sources.

Plan comparator

Little Green Host has plans tailored to your needs. We optimize our sustainable web hosting plans so that you only use the necessary resources without overloading systems or wasting energy.rgía. 

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Block SSD storage

High performance servers in the Google Cloud for high speed web hosting.

Technical support

Our technical team will solve your basic doubts and help you with the more complex ones.

Google Network

Cloud technology for your website.

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service*.

99.9% uptime

Your site will be On-line 99.9% of the time. Guaranteed.

WordPress ready

Our servers work very well with WordPress.

Clean technology

Because nature and energy sustainability matter to us. Our servers are powered by energy from renewable sources. Host your website in an ecological and sustainable web hosting.

Wind energy has become a key source of electricity generation for the change of the energy model, which is cleaner and more sustainable. Improvements in technology allow some wind farms to produce electricity as cheaply as coal or nuclear power plants. Undoubtedly, this is an energy source with its advantages and disadvantages, but the former win by far.

Wind Energy Clean Energy Web hosting
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Solar energy is one of the simplest and easiest to produce energy sources in existence. Its operation is based on the sun as a natural emitter of photons that travel at the speed of light to the surface of the planet. It is an energy with almost no waste and very economical to produce.

Solar Energy Clean Energy Web hosting
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By using energy-efficient servers, we optimize the energy consumed by making intelligent use of it.

Low Power Servers Web hosting
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